Why do bad things happen to good people?

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“Why does God allow suffering? How can a good God allow evil?”
Dr. Theodore Cabal answers in Honest Answers | Episode 24

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Bill McLain says:

Thanks for the reminder

GaGalaxy 86 says:

God want to give you mercy

Gary McDaniel says:

Because it is all a fucking fairy tale

DeprecatingMemes says:

I hate when people blame god and say “why did he let this happen” everyone dies one day there’s nothing that can be done about it, if he prevents everyone from dying no one would ever die.

rich lewis says:

If I complain about GOD being unfair or I get made at GOD because I've had a horrible time here. I got more trauma than some, It doesn't make sense. I've been set on fire, I've dealt with suicide family, and I've had a amputation not to mention I didn't have a father. We all go through suffering, when does it change 52 years of only bad things. Why shouldn't I be upset with GOD.

joashsmusic says:

The sad reality is there are no good people. The good within man comes from God's common grace.

Brigitte Huerta-Bonilla says:

My sister and my friend cuss and like to hurt people but they get good luck and I’m the one who gets bad luck even tho I found a four leaf clover

Македонец од глава до петици. says:

Only god can help me because no one else would or would like to be in my situation to feel the pain

Kyarra Durant says:

Who came and watched this video because of cameron boyce we love you cameron😭😭❤❤🙏🙏

Fuze Frostbite says:

Rip Cameron boyce

­ ­ says:

I lost my faith 8 years ago, I never wanted it to happen and I fight with all my strength for a long time so that it would not happen … but the horrible acts that happen on the most innocent, those with the purest soul, the children, has broken my soul into pieces. I'm crying as I write this comment because I would like to be able to return to believe in a benevolent god and that everything will be fine but I know I will never be hable even if i try.

I can't understand so many things…

(Sorry for my english and if i offend someone)
I wish all of you the best.

Fraves 937 says:

This makes so much sense, I lost my whole family and now I know it happened because I masturbated.

Mitchell Bryant says:

I was born again few years ago and i have been robbed 3 times…physically assaulted twice…lost a job..lost my dad at 64 to cancer…and im only 44 at this point. I struggled to understand how all this hurt and bad can come to me. This last robbery this past weekend I just didnt even lose sleep. I said there was no way I was going to deny god because i was wronged. I put in perspective that most people go through hurt..some even worse. I put in perspective the pain and suffering the lord suffered ..all for doing righteous things and being a good person yet was crucified and destroyed by the evil humans of the world. Its all perspective. I dont know why im a good person and bad happens as it does but there must be a lesson i will learn from it if i think long enough. Maybe change a way or two about who I am..etc. I dont know but will know and work on being even better. Nothing compares to the pain our lord felt and that got me through. Perhaps the greatest reward for being as good as one can be yet suffering what seems to be too much..will be in the next life. I cant wait.

Ararat Garabidian says:

“Why do bad things happen to good people? That only happened once and He volunteered”
R.C. Sproul
“And Jesus said to him, "Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭18:19‬ ‭

Carol Biberstein says:

Hi there. It's Carol again. Did you people know that gratitude is the most powerful energy that attracts all good things to you? If your attitude is one of whining, moaning and complaining of course you will attract negative events into your life. Wake up every morning and as soon as you open your eyes say, thank you for my life, thank you to God, thank you that I have eyes to open, thank you for fresh air to breathe, thank you for sunshine, thank you for rain, thank you for water, for the dandelions in my garden, thank you for everything. And don't do foolish things like inviting an addict to live with you. Have a little common sense. Don't entangle yourself with other people by accepting food, money or sex from them. Otherwise you will feel a feeling of obligation to them. Come on people, don't you want freedom. All you have to do is let go of anything you don't need, fear and desire.
Listen carefully because I'm going to tell you a secret about love. Before you came on this planet earth you were with God and you were surrounded by his love, that's it. You were quiet and still and you didn't need anything else, you were completely content. Then you came down here, at first very happy, but gradually becoming unhappy. You split your love up into many relationships. You received love from your father in the form of safety, protection, belonging, support, guidance, encouragement, etc. In your first birth you had really good fathers but now nobody really has good fathers. You received love from your mother in the form of nurturing, feeding, care, confidence, guidance, etc. You received love from friends in the form of listening and support, from your children in the form of someone to give your all to, from your husband or wife in the form of feeling special and appreciated, valued and respected. So the love you had originally received from God was all split up into different relationships. The love from human beings is temporary, whereas the love from God is eternal. God's love is also unconditional whereas human beings always have conditions. Who's love do you want, God's eternal love or human's fickle, temporary love? It's a no brainer, isn't it? Become a giver in life and stop taking from human beings and only take from the one who's love is unending and limitless. When you are full of Gods love you can be a giver.

Robert Braxton says:

I don't see a point to life

Robert Braxton says:

I've beel alive for 11 years only did on bad thing which was steel a peeny i help ppl try my best to help homless ppl etc and have bad things happen to me

Vlad Vasiloni says:

They say that bad tnings that happen to us compesnates with good, but for me bad things compensate with more bad things.

Carol Biberstein says:

I can see from the comments below that many many people are miserable and unhappy. I would like to offer a few words of encouragement and a few ideas about how to deal with situations in your life. I might say that I truly come from a place of genuine happiness which has nothing to do with possessions or people in my life. I'm 64, happily divorced for 20 years, live in a tiny basement apartment that leaks sometimes when it rains, don't have a car, ride a bicycle instead, or walk, and the only electronic equipment I have is a cell phone and an I-pad. But I am extremely happy. I laugh and talk to God all day long. And I'm I'm not a Christian either. I have no connection with Christ other than appreciating that he was a good person, but God is my true Beloved. I practice celibacy. What I would like to let you people know about lessons in life is that when something tough happens that you have to go through, the lesson is about becoming more virtuous, more peaceful, more internally powerful, more loving, letting go of more desires, becoming more stable, more happy, it's not about suffering through it but it is about renunciation, which means to happily let go knowing that it is all for the best. It's about being grateful for the lessons that have come, knowing that somewhere in my past I sowed the seeds for these lessons to come. It's not about looking at others either and thinking about their lessons. I've been vegetarian for 20 years so I'm not participating in the violent act of supporting the murdering of animals and I meditate every day. I'm telling you these things not to judge you or to say that I am better than you. Up until 20 years ago I was doing lots of really wrong things and I was as miserable as anyone else. But, I found God and it has made all the difference in the world. I know deep in my bones that God loves me, and God loves you too. For many things our conscience tells us right from wrong. But there are a few things that our conscience has repressed. Lust, for example, is a sin, and it's a sin whether you are married or single. And if you are into it, as I was, you will reap the sorrow that comes from it. You are a spiritual being just like God, not a physical being. God has come now to take us all back home.
Bill McLain is humble. That is a wonderful trait. At least he can hear what I am saying. Most Christians wouldn't be able to tolerate the truth in what I am saying, but he can. My hat goes off to you my dear friend.

Carol Biberstein says:

The entire world goes through entropy until it gets really really bad, which if you look around you, you can assess whether you think it's at it's maximum lowest right now. That is when God comes, to take us all back home with him. He comes because he loves us. He comes so that he can purify this world and once again create a garden of Eden. We create destruction through our actions but God knows about it, doesn't stop it and sees it as completely benevolent. God loves every soul and every religion, accepts each one as they are, but we all have to face the Supreme Judge at the end and be shown the consequences of our actions and how we affected others.

Carol Biberstein says:

Death is no big deal. It's nothing at all but time to change the costume and go back to being a baby. You can't take anything material with you, only your habits and tendencies and subtle feelings about things. You don't remember your previous birth because that would be confusing in this lifetime. Some people do remember a few things that made a deep impression. You are truly a tiny, subtle, invisible point of energy. God loves every soul in the world very very much regardless of their religious affiliation. You are an eternal being who can never die.

Carol Biberstein says:

There was one truth that was suppressed in early Christianity which is the key to unlocking the answer to this question. That simple and basic truth is that a soul takes rebirth and wears a new bodily costume from birth to birth. This explains so many things and helps us to understand the Christian principle of babies who develop cancer and die before even having a chance to fully live a life, people unjustly sent to jail for crimes they didn't commit, or those who have committed crimes and are never sent to jail, and many many other situations that look unfair to us from our limited perspective. Nothing that happens in this world is unfair. Everything is Seed and Fruit, and is 100% accurate. It's dispassionate justice, and automatic. God is not responsible. I am. But he is always there for me to reach out to to help me go through the consequences of my own actions. And many lessons are to be learned in going through the consequences. God is all powerful but is not able to break the law of life by intervening in me receiving the consequences of my own actions and learning the lessons I need to learn to make me a better, more humble person.

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