Which Animal Murders the Most?

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Is violence a part of human nature? A new study attempts to answer the question by looking at the rates of lethal violence across a thousand species. Ed Yong breaks down the list of the most murdery mammals and he explains how humans stack up.

Read more from Ed Yong: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/09/humans-are-unusually-violent-mammals-but-averagely-violent-primates/501935/

Authors: Ed Yong, Jeremy Raff


Stefan says:

Humans murder about 2.8 tn creatures each year. Please revise your video.

Veg prince says:

We may not murder each other as much, but we certainly murder other animals to such an extent that I think human beings should top the list.

Athony Nesbitt says:

I can answer your question, Satan & his demons control people to kill & kill them self,…dont worry some day all the killings will end

Gin Martin says:

McDonald's 1 billions burgers served. That's a lot of cows.

Erin Laemmle says:

Wow you aren’t cursing! Refreshing young chap!

5KindsOfSmoke says:

We are exceptional. I knew it!

oscar diaz says:

I think humans take the cake, humans kill massively, and not only ourselves but other species and the environment, we spread like a virus all over the place destroying what gets in our way.

BEANTON - 69 says:


colonel radec says:

humans by far lol

Tim Yu says:

Humans ng todya are murderous for dumb reasons which is why we will destroy our own home

Oky Awesome says:

Simple answer humans

Unknown Alien says:

Humans are the most violent and murderous.

fake good boy says:

So just because we the smartest motherfuckers it means that we cant kill like animals?

Luke A says:

Humans forget they are animals. If you wan't to be less annoyed at people in 2019 and less hard on yourself remeber your an animal. It's never that deep. We make it deep as we have the best cognitive abilities.

Honfy Lam says:

the more advanced a species is, the more it sees of unnatural ways of benefiting from violence, AND more ways of benefiting from social empathy. An elephant simply does not have the chance to even think of murduring his wife in order to benefit from an insurance policy. No other species could think of setting up someone to look like they commited murder in order to put them behind bars.

Michaelatky says:

You forgot male black humans they kill more than anything or anyone they can't get enough killing.

FSK1138 says:

HUMANS are : by definition animals do not murder and you can not murder a animal :
All jurisdictions require that the victim be a "natural person"; that is, a "human being" who was still alive before being murdered.
In other words, under the law one cannot murder a corpse, a corporation, a" non-human animal", or any other "non-human organism "such as a plant or bacterium

According to WHO, there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions.yearly… yet only about ~ 437,000 people murdered yearly ***(2012)

keanu kyong says:

Wait a minute. Something on youTube that uses logic and reason. Say it ain’t so. Got so use to liberal lies, humans are evil and other bullshit, this is weird.

Jina Hale says:

this is not an accurate description of humans in a violent context. It's interesting that Pinker and the rest never discuss percent of violence across human society. the majority of humans just want to raise their families in peace and tend to their daily chores. the percentage of humans that have killed another human is tiny.

Micah Awk says:

A related but more telling question I'd like answered is: What animal kills the most throughout the animal kingdom? This would provide greater insight to the nature of killing as a whole, not only within one's own species. Thank you.

Only herbivorous animals get atherosclerosis says:

Yeah like… we kill more than 50 Billion animals every year and that's just in the land. We kill trillions of animal sea life each year and this is all destroying our planet. But no! Humans are a very kind to nature…

john doe says:

its humans, humans murder the most

nfvy says:

Does that include war and executions? Because that is 100% murder too.

Luciano Pereira Pinheiro says:

The way you say "murder" is lovely

Alvaro Soares, Jr. says:

Primates' "most common M.O. is infanticide. They kill their babies." Now it makes more sense why abortion is still so widely accepted…

Jens Behrendt says:

So do you only talk about members of a species killing each other? Then why are lions obvious?

HochgeborenKlown says:

Humans are far and away the most murderous species in the known universe…Animals kill over territory, hierarchy, and food…Humans kill because they enjoy it…Humans kill everything they come into contact with…

delightfulsunny says:

I love the animation where meerkat holding a knife behind another meerkat's back

JRRR EmCee says:

Sea Otters & Orcas kill for fun.

Leena Beena says:

i love this guys voice

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