Top 8 Most Talked & Famous People of History

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I did some research about the most important people, the most famous and talked, and what they did to be so famous. I created a video about it and I hope you will like it.

It includes:

1. William Shakespeare
2. Julius Caesar
3. Albert Einstein
4. Isaac Newton
5. Adolf Hitler
6. Christopher Columbus
7. Buddha
8. Alexander, the Great

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Who is the most popular person ever? Who is the greatest person ever? Who made the most discoveries? Was Albert Einstein the most intelligent person ever? Who is the most intelligent person on the planet?



Jesus is obviously the most famous and talked about. I wonder why He was left out. Perhaps bcos He is God and not human

Osi and Eli Adventures says:

What about Jesus and Michael Jackson?

Yoan says:

Lol dzvero?Are you Bulgarian?

Depo says:

Lol who is you? I just randomly found ya on my subscriptions..

Nokia 3310 says:

Australians really have a rep with some debatable figures, first uncle Adolf and now world famed daddy Fritzl. Something strange going on down there in the land down under.

Billy The Kid says:

What about Jesus?

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