The Penta | 2019 Worlds Semifinals

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This week on The Penta we’ve got the best plays from the 2019 World Championship Semifinals.



FX Geek-en says:

That was crazy men

Deyan Tsvetkov says:

Give us skt vs ig!

Chris John Caparas says:

That Clid play was sick

3l1t3g4m3r says:

Tbh this feels like they really wanted a g2 play high ranked, because in my unimportant opinion did that yasuo play not include any high skill plays ("just" well used yasuo crits) while plays, like that klid lee sin thing were just an impressive showing of individual skill in a play

Sry for bad english already;)

幻滅 says:

Why first g2 that is nothing

Märwän Êägłę says:

Gj g2 <3 wz win

Heyzel says:

Where is Khan 1 v 4 spylce?,
With quin

Ehsign S says:

Why is the prize pool 3 times less than the last years?

Neil Li says:

Jackielove finally getting his revenge against theshy

Sam Kim says:

World is scripted. The team that won the first game, win the series 3-1 every time

JJ rosel says:

Riot d-riding g2 again

Twinsouljah Expertpro says:

Win daya fpx lose g2 Nov 10

Felipe Bertolini says:

Uma jan activated

우레이 says:

SKT's early game vs G2 in all games was great. It should be at least 3-1 for SKT.

Hey faker, how did you lose?

Suck o ceapa says:

I remember soo many noobs talked trash about DoinB…where are these dogs now?

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