The Last of Us Part II – Inside the Demo | PS4

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Go behind-the-scenes of the three-hours of gameplay from The Last of Us Part II revealed to media, featuring new story details and game footage from the team at Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us Part II launches on PlayStation 4 on May 29th, 2020. Learn more and pre-order

May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.

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Hit Da Dougie Douglas says:

1:08 my answer to that question is sasuke uchiha

StormF NBM says:

I hope TLOU II won't be a tomb raider game… seriously….

Outlaw Knight says:

her best friend is riley!make dina die ir be evil,then make a cure then take riley back

KenJ96 says:

I’m definitely gonna have a problem with the dogs lol

GhoulDoesEditz says:

Too bad no multiplayer

AKK Channel says:

Why ellie's shirt texture looks like it's on low setting or something it really bug me so much.

ean hale says:

The game comes out the day after my birthday

Shadowsin Gaming says:

The Last of Us part 2 GOTY edition coming may 25th 2020.

MrAydenBT says:

Beyond exited… 🙏🏼🤩

Amine Hassan says:

Jole is alave

xX_WolfBoi_Xx says:

What happened to bloaters?

George Khidasheli says:

I'd rather this game being delayed for a year if it meant getting it absolutely perfected. Take your time Naughty Dog.

Míšaaa Voe says:

3:37 and more LOOT?!?!?!

dubtube says:

Simply awesome what's possible nowadays

TimothyCobain says:

Just like with part 1, they’ll release it at the end of the current console generation and remaster it for next gen. GENIUS, GENIUS. More sales, more money.

rhiqo rae says:

Am I the only one who keeps watching this video over and over cuz I’m over excited?….hmmm but I don’t have a console tho but thanks to my friend who has one…..I will be playing this piece when it gets released 🇬🇭 🎮

Tristan_ 2006 says:

Just finished it and also left behind

furtivolucas says:


Benjamin Gadberry says:

LOL, this video did not age well. Druckmann: "Releasing February 2020." Updated text description: May 29, 2020. That said, we shall wait! 🙂

CharizardDragon says:

Dude… Ellie is MY age now. It definitely does not feel that way.

jenifer jeni says:

game play hours? Can anybody tell me

Casper says:

But can ellie swim or she still useless in that factor

TigerTony 77 says:

Haha haha delay

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