The Ideal Diet for Humans | Galit Goldfarb | TEDxWilmington

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Galit Goldfarb begins with her own story — becoming bulimic as a teen, and determining to learn all she could about science and nutrition in college, and yet still not achieving health. She studied medical science, opening a clinic after her return. But everyone she treated felt better only in the short-term. She was also diagnosed with cancer. She began to learn all about human health, reading from all the scientific fields until she was able to understand the answer: the guerilla diet (food choices that fight back against everything she had learned!). Goldfarb takes us through ancient human history, demonstrating evidence of the earliest humans’ health and diet (living into their 70s and eating plants, nuts, fruits, and legumes) and how humans moved shortsightedly away from that diet. Cancer free (without radiation), her final argument is simple — while an “omnivore” diet may in the short term taste better, in the long term, it is unhealthy, not only for us but for our planet.

Galit Goldfarb has worked within the health field for over 22 years. While working in different research laboratories and with many private clients, Galit has written eight books in the fields of health and personal development, including #1 International Bestseller “The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program” based on her in-depth research into the ideal diet for humans. Galit is a Professional member of the American Nutrition Association, and the American Society for Nutrition, and holds a BSc (honours) in Biochemistry and Nutrition, an MSc in Medical Science with Distinction, and studied Immunology for a Post Graduate Certificate. Galit is currently doing her PhD in Nutrition. Galit offers workshops, speaking engagements, online programs and coaching to help people achieve optimal health.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Alice from wonderland says:

What I see is that Memory, is a problem for the people who don't eat meat.

dlw1231 says:

Exercise and eat only when you are hungry !

kelly jiang says:

After many years, all my vegan friends look so old

Karolina Nowak says:

She sounds nuts

Grace Gniazdowska says:

I will not ever believe in Evolution and that we came from apes, maybe YOU DID. GOD created everything.

Mark Ferwerda says:

So much BS when talking about how we were millions of years ago……….pure BS…… not supported by a speck of evidence!

neagu george says:

I think this ady is getting dementia from to much carbohydrates, lady let a expert talk about this subject

Xenosa York says:

Only 3% success rate with hunting! How many tribes did he study and where?!?
Meat forms a substantial part of the diet in hunter gatherers all over the world because it is a natural part of the human diet.
In recent times, the animals they would usually eat are migrating due to the land being cleared and new towns being built close by. It also depends on the season but that 3% is still very questionable.
The general diet of hunter gatherers is meat, fish, root tubers(similar to sweet potatoes), fruits, vegetables, honey and occasionally nuts and seed.
Some have there own specialties. For example, I've seen some have tea, wine, beer, roasted insects, soup etc. Their diet are varied, satisfying and fulfill all their nutritional requirements. This is the diet that is designed for us.

chriss4365 says:

Talks about evolution bs bye i'm leaving i came to hear about what we should eat not a theory that we came from Africa which cant be proven so by and thumbs down.

Regal Sound Productions says:

I’ll take bacon and eggs thank you!

HollywoodBob39 says:

I hope the director was fired. Absolutely horrible shots from the rafters and barely ever showed the slides she was talking about. Once, I was reading a slide and they switched back to her before anyone could read it. Also, humans NEED meat.

John Macdonald says:

Was doing well until millions of years ago.

Vicki Beaver says:

Poor confusing presentation. Also we did not come from Apes, but we're created from a God who loves us all. .

Catsmasher Jones says:

I usually give people the benefit of the doubt because public speaking is not easy, but…. She did volunteer to do this and she should have done a better job. Lot of rambling and jumping around and never really got to the point, Why does every Ted Talk seem to be people promoting their own website or book? Cheese causes internal bleeding? Really? When we moved from the rain forest to the Savannah our diet 'evolved' but when we moved to Europe, we started doing the wrong things. I really get turned off when someone claims they cured cancer by changing their diet "without all the radiation". That is not only total BS, but it is irresponsible and dangerous. What if some gullible person saw that and decided to ignore their doctor and listen to this 'genius' who decided we need to eat what she thinks we need to eat. I have to say this is one of the worst Ted Talks I have ever seen.

BJ White says:

Go vegan 🌱

Tiffany Vigil says:

Her laugh at the beginning…… so fake. “Hahaha”

Trevor Regay says:

This speech would have been much more effective if she was wearing a bikini….or nothing at all….otherwise, hard to take her seriously….especially all the prehistoric and evolution nonsense she is spewing…..

Martyn Scotton says:

Blah blah blah I’m just rambling on for 17 minutes, what a boring, pointless talk & video 🤦🏼‍♂️

Mountain Dew says:

Galit Goldfart.

Miss Dashwood says:

I take my nutritional tips from the chef for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip as they're healthy and still going strong in their mid and late 90's. Try to avoid processed foods, chemicals and over eating, stay positive and get some exercise.

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