Tailosive Talks Podcast “Inherently Good or Evil”

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Listen to our podcast after the stream here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tailosive-talks/id1378404793?mt=2#episodeGuid=tag%3Asoundcloud%2C2010%3Atracks%2F575143905


mrk107 says:

Compared to the universe the earth is the size of a single tiny sugar grain.

Stephanie Zepeda says:

Man, this was a deep podcast lol

Connectid Tech Talks says:

“Honey I shrunk my husband” uhh I think Louise has an affair

Paul says:

FYI, YouTube has this thing where they take SuperChats that they deem "offensive" and donate them to charity instead of giving them to you. I don't think anything he said the other day would qualify as that, but YouTube's language is kinda vague on this and leaves it open to their interpretation. I don't know if they would tell you that, but it might look like lost revenue to you.

While the NZ shooting is absolutely awful, the media silence around 120 Christians in Nigeria being murder by Muslims over the past three weeks is very appalling and shows the bias that MSM has against Christians.

Morality isn't a human construct; it comes from God like everything does. All humans are born sinners so you got that right. And no, this isn't an opinion before someone tries to say that.

The bribery scandal isn't about "oh you don't have enough money so we're gonna let these kids in", it's about these less-qualified kids taking the admissions spot of students who are more academically qualified to be there just because they don't have rich parents. One of Lori Laughlin's daughters (Olivia Jade) outright said she didn't like school and probably wouldn't go to classes (as much as she could to actually stay enrolled). That's morally and ethically wrong.

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