Stephen A. gets booed by First Take fans for his Tom Brady to the Cowboys take

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Stephen A. Smith gets booed by fans in the crowd after he says the Dallas Cowboys would make the best pitch for New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.
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Michael Hendrix says:

Tom Brady is moving to FW TX 3.5

Metal Steve says:

tannehill isn't going to win anything , the titans had a cinderella season , I don't see that happening again next season , they played a banged up patriots team, if the patriots were at full force the titans would not of won

Jeremycole says:

Titans are going to fall in the same trap as Jacksonville!

Derrick c says:

Molly job is only to be eye candy for the show.they forgot to send her the memo to not talk during the show lol

Mfalme Mashairi says:

Max is goofy sometimes. The cowboys are just as loaded on both sides of the ball and he says they won’t make the playoffs. But he follows it with : the chargers because they are “loaded” 🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿

Chuan says:

What's with the boxing ring? Looks like another Creed movie.

RexiRexx87 says:

I honestly hate Stephen A. How is he gonna say Henry doesn’t want Brady on the team. It’s not that he’s knocking Brady, but tannehill is getting the job done so why change up now. That’s what works for the titans. Simple as that

Kevin Sargent says:

Why would you remove half the seasons stats just to make Tom look bad after he lost every WR except an injured Edelman who led the league in dropped passes?

Ten Fold says:

Alex Smith was abt this deep in his career and turned it around like Tannehill

Ayrious says:

Why dose this look like it was taped back in 2008 lmao

Hank Hill says:

Y’all hating on her probably learn all your sports from espn lol

Barry McCockiner says:

Max A Moron aint that smart to think he can sucker play Brady to a bad situation with Chargers haha 😉😂🤔🙄😏 . Antonio Gates retired , and they have no running game . They have a few good WRs . The defense is good , not great .

The BEST places for Brady to land , Football wise would be 49ers , Vikings , Dallas , Tampa , or Rams . Those teams are stacked on both sides of the ball . Brady could slide into those situations seamlessly towards Superbowl contention .

George Dimitriou says:

Give Molly her own show to make her happy, and just don't air it to make us happy. Don't tell her tho. Win-win situation

ShadowFalcon19 says:

Those Brady fans should be banned from watching and participating in footballs until the records of Brady and Belichick get expunged from the history books and both of them get lifetime bans from the Hall of Fame.

SpFFA says:


cradlerofdeath says:

wait how many qbs that left New England won super bowls?Oh ya zero of them.

nesseiht gnay says:

Max of course hates tom brady 😆

Agustin Diaz says:

Im just here for the Molly comments lol


Brady to another team would be interesting, Patriots suck now thank god!!

Sheldon Franklin says:

Shut her up!!!!!!!

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