Roger Federer Post-Match Interview after beating Djokovic! | Nitto ATP Finals 2019

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Federer keepin’ it real after beating Djokovic in London 😝Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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Dan S says:

RF played as if his life depended on this win, because he loves Nadal and wants to help him to keep #1 this year. Besides, RF hates Djokovic. So Djokovic has to beat 3 rivals, Fed, Nadal and the puiblic in each tournament. It is an unfair battle, all vs one. Also, Nadal played for his life vs Tsisipas, while Tsitsipas played only at 8o% since he already had classified, he let Nadal to win.

Andree Argandona says:

"Great atmosphere, great opponent". Now that's Federer

John My views says:

Great tennis and win, awesome interview responses

Francois Markantoni says:

Novak Đoković is the Federer's great obsession.Whe he beats him, he feels like he won the tournament.

Ayodele Palmer says:

This is not a team sport where you can celebrate when your opponent misses a penalty or a goal, this is a one-man sport and it is your choice to support player and cheer him when he won a point, serve aces and other stuff that is allowed but cheering and roaring when his opponent double-faulted or made a mistake is just not good enough, and the worst is that so many people can be so stupid at the same time its unbelievable. Roger is a legend of the game no doubt about it but If you can't win when all these favouritism each time you play then what can you do then? And against all these odds NOVAK still got 16 GS singles titles, 5 ATP Finals titles, 34 ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles, 13 ATP Tour 500 titles, and has held the No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings for 275 weeks?. And all these puppets always against him it's not about them supporting their favourite players its just HATE.

Nirab Dhungana says:

He is such a humble human being, he has the childlike innocence, I wish to see him in Wimbledin 2020

JC3 Slots! Check it out!! says:

The sense of urgency at this level point in and point out has been missing since Wimby. If he regains that on the daily he could easily win 3 slams next year. And why not RG….why not.

Jean Claude Feliciaggi says:

depuis 2008 dernier carré

Craig Ooi says:

All 👍🏻😀

albin vega says:

weak era continues

Hans-David Heldring says:

Unbelievable reflection on himself and on this year’s wimbledon! What a champ. What a gentleman.

Coming from a Novak fan.

Nando M.N says:

É o maior de todos!

Dina Kora says:

The hatred and arrogant crowd was clearly against Djokovic.

Elegance exports says:

I thnk he is th greatest sportsman of all agar tendulkar me itna temparament hota toh lara ka 400 ka record tod deta

Monish Kumar says:

Nice Job, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try 🙂

Mohammad Sazzad Hossen Real says:

It's long 20 years following Roger Federer, last 2 years always feeling maybe I will never follow tennis if Federer retire from tennis

Johnson Samuel says:

Whom he will face in semi ? Theim ?

Stefan Hell says:

What a champion…unreal performance which is even more unreal regarding his age…

Milos Radic says:

From a Novak fan and a Serb, I can honestly say that Roger was brilliant tonight, congrats! A well deserved victory, with no doubts. Nole wasn't at his best level and wasn't ready to compete with Roger, who was just unbelieveable. Novak, this was a great season for you, I am very proud of you, next season you have to improve your level of tennis obviously, Roger is like a wine or whisky, the older he gets the better he is. I was dissapointed with Novak's level, but everybody has a bad day, and what the heck, this was his first loss against Roger after 4.5 years. My respect towards Roger, and love towards Nole. Idemo, Nole!

juan oleee says:

I played a lot of tennis.. And i have no respect for titsipas or thiem… For What i have seen

ester racho says:

greatman…great player…excellent communication skills…..great sportmanship towards his co-players…

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