Report: Uzbek human rights record bad

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CNNi talks to Human Rights Watch researcher Steve Swerdlow about the group’s report on human rights violations.


Royle Hun says:

Stive Is a Gey/LGBT/leftist/femenist and monks of Satan worshipper. He tried to get fucked by central Asian dick but no farmers did't fuck him. There 4 he blaming some polices over criminals

id13 says:

but subtitles ?

Mika Lee says:

Governments are no longer valid. None of them. 

Julio Bravo says:

Still nothing compared to the crimes against humanity that happen everyday in Saudi Arabia

Hapalon G says:

Oh, a new enemy of " American democracy"? Probably now America "will bring democracy" in Uzbekistan? It is very well located and then the time will come to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. The main thing is to surround Russia this "war for democracy". Europeans are not you afraid? If Russia starts to act like America, the first to suffer will be Europe. America really has infected Europe his stupidity? How many lies are you willing to listen and how many millions of civilians in the whole world must die, to finally stop to believe them?

Martin Rayner says:

All the self-righteous talk by America (and other other countries in the West) about "human rights" is mostly hypocritical bullshit, as this case, along with countless others demonstrates. If the country involved is a useful ally or trading partner, the U.S. is quite happy to turn a blind eye when it comes to the abuses carried out by repressive dictatorships and authoritarian regimes. 

TheWersum says:

Islam is not a human right, Islam is a nazi ideology.

Healiosphere Æ says:

Seems like Uzbekistans mental authorities are outdated, and probably corrupt, because prisons don't work..
Therefore I suggest uploading a new, more natural program towards leveling their comprehensive mental abilities..)..

Michel de Montaigne says:

I can't believe this would happen in a Muslim country.

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