People Are Awesome HD/ The Ultimate compilation! Mr.Wild's version

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A compilation of extrem sports and others.
i hope u enjoy it.
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It’s a compilation creates by me. But “People are awesome”, the original idea was created in this channel:

Stellamara – Prituri se Planinata
kavinsky-nightcall (at the end)
Bassnectar – Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado

Sorry for my english


eduorbai says:

Oh my fucking god i finally found the video where i heard that song of the begining

Ninja Hombrepalito says:

Ultimate compilation, not a single strength video, not enough parkour, too much soccer

Josh says:

I think this is the first people are awesome video I saw back in 2013.

Sourabh Mirage says:

plz, tell me the songs which is playing since 0.30 sec ….. plz name it

Panos Games52 says:

tnx my fans

asda asda says:

Men are awesome!!!

Misc.2 says:


annuna says:

Where is the thumbnail girl?

Alex Carter says:

Who else is watching this in 2016?

Andrea Praveczki says:

6:18 song name? Please

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