Ken Jeong in Awe of Audience Hidden Talents

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Guest host Ken Jeong was in shock after seeing some very odd and very dangerous hidden talents from a few audience members.



Yousefah Dahari says:

omg who is this girl Olivia Marie? i need to meet her, she's my doppelgänger.

Katia L F says:

Love Dr Ken!

Сергей Капканов says:

I am Señor Chang! And I'm so ill!This is a warning, I can't be killed!All in your cabeza, without a chaserNot another teacher with this much flavor

Koala Chingu says:

Dan just happens to be in the audience with 3 chairs and a flaming torch.

MonoDde says:

Those TVs are like $350, lol.

Alvaro1ization says:

Bro, Olivia is such a gorgeous girl. I fell in love with her!

Nikodim Zafirovski says:

Commenting on every video I see part 457

精彩美丽 says:

Ellen is quit her show? Or busy on others?

MrRamone420 says:

I think Ken is amazed when he finds someone funny and talented, cause it reminds him that he has neither.

Linda Deneher says:

Where is Ellen?

Donna B says:

You did the Ellen show proud. Great job hosting

quantra Gaming says:

Where's my reddit army

Karen Chavez says:

Hosts humor isn’t really funny at all personally but the acts were cool and definitely not enough appreciation of Dan

Jacob & Emma says:


Marilyn Monroe says:

Kicking with your right leg.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Gary K says:

No respect for Mr. Jeong. Quit being a doctor, which would have a greater impact on people's lives, and would rather be a hollywood shill

Dan Foley says:

It was a thrill to be a part of this. Ken Jeong was a great guest host. Meeting and hanging out with Grace and Olivia was wonderful. All the people who work on the Ellen DeGeneres show are so professional and an uncommonly warm and kind group of people making wholesome daytime television.

My Halloween haunts says:

1:21 to 1:15 and 1:21 to 1:22 first act proven fake because we would hear her real singing through the cracks on the side of each tooth

Amarri Batti says:

Now that 2nd act is talent

Antonio Costa says:

I watched that whole video and he didn’t even smash the gong.

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