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Sit back, relax and enjoy this compilation of some of the greatest ever clips from the People are  Awesome  archive! For those that enjoy our Best of the Week and Best of the Month compilations we wanted to bring you more amazing people doing incredible things, so here’s a throwback to a few favorites. Featured clips include balance exercises, people jumping over chairs, ski flips and more…

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Gunner J says:

7:03 to 7:08 imagine trying to tell someone about that without coming off like a show off or liar

Mr.Whitechapel says:

3:56 Is it just me or does the cap start falling down before it hits the bike? 🤔

Reams says:

2 track pls!!!☻☻

DaveHikky says:

Songs please?:(

Cedric Cherng says:

Song title please…..

Alex Herna says:

All these people is awesome !

Karl De-Terville says:

5.36 anybody know the choone here

Julian Martinez says:

Saludos cordiales México presenté 🙋👏👏👏

Norwall says:

Wow, this video is amazing… Good Job!!!

561Wolf says:

Videos like this make me wish my father didnt beat me everyday

Joseph Pape says:

Great to see the number of basketball hoop trick shots and jump roping way down. So sick of both. Better variety than normal. Good video.

wendy willems says:

ooooo wow amazing love you.r video.s

D H says:

1:03 why is this in here, she's not even hot

Sosie Simon26 says:

Just from the first 25 seconds I new this was going to be AWESOME 🤪

Bluebird says:

5:37 Barefeet!?!? What a madman

Robin says:

First song?

Sr. Fernando says:

3:57 fake?

Ютубнутый says:

3:11 чувак с той стороны прыгал видно при замедленной съёмке

Corey Mondello says:

The song is irritating!

Artdhananjay says:

WOW! wooow i love video super..

Butters says:

The dub back into the pants was genius. 👌😂

SUVENDU Sekhar says:

Magical 👌👌

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