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With marketing that seems strategically targeted to teens, the rise of vape pens and e-cigarettes has young people addicted and schools scrambling to curb students’ habits. #TheDailyShow #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow

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Antonio Vazquez says:

survey at my high school show students bought them to be popular/cool and not flavors

Edwin Prichard says:

Juul is owned by big tobacco and none of this happened until they got involved in vaping

justaburner420 says:

This is pretty low and ignorant Trevor 🤦‍♂️ total misrepresentation of the industry without actually doing research (other than biased news headlines)
JUUL does NOT represent what the vaping industry is. The minor issue is unfortunate, but vaping has always been illegal for minors to purchase even before it was written into law. The real problem should be the places who are selling vaping devices to underage kids. This is ridiculous. This is why we can't have anything nice. Vaping is only for smokers who want an easier enjoyable way to quit

Flashy Paws says:

if you didnt know… all the kids are smoking hash oil with these things. that gummy bear flavored vape oil is weed.
and now you know. why vaping is so popular with all the kids.

Benjamin Eppel says:

This shit is fucking scary I got addicted to stigs and I’m fucking 14

Egg walter says:

Why can’t we all just smoke air? It’s addictive, comes in many flavors (though, some are horrible) and it won’t kill you or make your lungs collapse!

PRJ MAX says:

Vape will give you throat cancer and lung cancer good luck teenagers

Bosola Bohlale Okesokun says:

It is irresponsible of them. I like cabbage thank you😂

Hany Gamal says:

we have mother milk flavor in Egypt. not kidding.

J J says:

How is it the schools fault? How is it juul's fault? Last I checked its the parents raising the kids.

J J says:

Vaping has seriously helped me cut back smoking without feel like I have to keep vaping. If vaping is so bad then sugar needs to be illegal.

GAM3R 3 says:

What about flavored alcohol? Lol u dumb fuck wants to help the tobacco industry destroy the vaping industry? A bunch of tools

YoutubeOverTV says:

A kid just died from vaping in Belgium this week… And I don't think it's the flavors that attract kids, Shisha comes in all types of flavors and has been around since forever but kids aren't addicted to it. The issue is that it was advertised as healthier because it's electronic … That's was deceiving marketing.

Wislex says:

ehm are you not age-gating e-liquids america?

JeevesReturns says:

Why is this asshole wearing a horribly shaped cowboy hat… and inside? Is he herding cows in a building? Oh! My bad! He’s bald and thought it might distract from it. Nah, ya just look like an asshole.

Prabhakar Devkota says:

Do you think vape smoker are mature??
Then you are still kid 🤣🤣🤣

The says:

So are we gonna stop alcohol ads? Are celebs who sponsor booze going to get attacked? Oh, wait that’s right…You guys like to pretend it isn’t a dangerous drug, killing countless people and ruining numerous families. Teens drink more than smoke, lets be honest.


What the fuck is the crisis?!?

Dave #1 kouhai says:

Trevor looks like a reptilian

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