If God is good, why are there evil people? – Question #4

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What is Guru’s view on the problem of evil? If God is loving, good and just, why are there so many evil people and how do they get away with so much evil?
With Gurus grace, the ‘Questions for Sikhs’ series will be aiming to answer common questions put to Sikhs, whether in a spirit of enquiry or with malicious intentions. These videos serve as an educational tool for both Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike, yet will aim to avoid criticising any faith.

Music credits – www.thekdp.com – Vaheguru Simran by Jagdeep Kaur (Jam 2 – track 6)

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Vaheguru Simran in the Intro and Outro is how Sikhs chant God’s name. It’s performed by Jagdeep Kaur of www.qi-rattan.com.

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Mimicry Addict says:

Starting waka song kaha milega?

SUGESH sugi says:

Very nice and very helpful

Ben Dassut says:

Do you think it’s a test and man kind has lost its way and they worship lust greed and anger… god bless humanity because god is love

Simran Sidhu says:

Gurbāni does not tell us to believe in reincarnation, nor Satyug/Kalyug, nor the material world as an illusion.

These are Vedic concepts.

Gurbāni references them, but does so in a Gurmatt context.

The first two things Mūl Mantar tells us are the primary qualities of Creator and Creation are that:

• All is ik (“One”); and
Ik is sat (“Truth”).

So, if everything is Truth, how can anything be an “illusion” (which is, by definition, a lie)?

How can ParamĀtman be everything, yet some things are false?

In actuality, nothing is false, because nothing is outside the Kartā Purakh’s hukkam (“will”).

What we are witnessing is a superimposing of Hindu and Christian paradigms and phrases onto Gurmatt principles.

This is what leads to confusion and illogicality that leads parchāraks to shrug their shoulders and say, “It’s a mystery. Only God knows.”

Vera Lucia says:

Waheguru ji ki khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh 🙏

Soumya Sahu says:

Panj vikaar

Arthur Ballinger says:

Get right with God by not blaming others and making others play against there will and by doing YOU AllS time! And that's a lot of truth! Empashis on you alls that's why the caps some of you want to play the game at you're own choosing while others suffer for you all!!!!!!!!

Red Pill Review News says:

And because I love mean and the holy and righteous God almighty, would never ever ask his children to decapitate and rip the head off of a living human being. End of story that’s the end of story right there. If you cannot see that then you are blind for all of your days

Red Pill Review News says:

I will tell you this man, because Satan and Lucifer the fallen angel came to MohammedAnd compelled Mohamed to write the book of the holy Quran which is very unholy and it was not an angel from God it was not the angel Gabriel but it was Lucifer himself who told Mohammed to write the evil words in the Quran

Sukhjit Dadiyal says:

Rip jagraj cancer

Jessica Ahn says:

Wow what a wise and insightful answer… Really impressed with the part about answering won't solve the problem; it comes from 'experiencing God' and that makes God real. It is rare to meet a spiritual teacher that knows the difference! Really intrigued by this faith… Thanks for this channel.

Solace says:

Its about balance. When there is good, there is evil for balance.

Tarandeep Singh says:

Im struggling to understand why bad things like tsunamis and earthquakes happen that kill innocent people if god is all loving and all powerful

Mahmood Bhamji says:

From little of what I understand, Sikhism was fusion of Hinduism and Islam which the Sikh founder adopted having been disillusion by both, and this dilemma continues to this day when it comes to consumption of meat. Whilst the Muslim Mogul rulers fought against them as heretics, it was not until the defeat of the Islamic rule in India and the take over by the British that they were given religious recognition. This is when their new found religion was given legal protection by the British. Sikhs have a lot to thank the British for their survival to this day and surprisingly boast how more 'British' they are than the British in all manner of their life-style!.

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