HUMAN Extended version VOL.2

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Turn on the Closed Captions (CC) to know the countries where the images were filmed and the first name of the interviewees.

What is it that makes us human? Is it that we love, that we fight ? That we laugh ? Cry ? Our curiosity ? The quest for discovery ?
Driven by these questions, filmmaker and artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent three years collecting real-life stories from 2,000 women and men in 60 countries. Working with a dedicated team of translators, journalists and cameramen, Yann captures deeply personal and emotional accounts of topics that unite us all; struggles with poverty, war, homophobia, and the future of our planet mixed with moments of love and happiness.

The VOL.2 deals with the themes of love, women, work and poverty.
In order to share this unique image bank everywhere and for everyone,
HUMAN exist in several versions :
A theatre version (3h11) , a tv version (2h11) and a 3 volumes version for the web

Office Yann Arthus-Bertrand :
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Official website HUMAN :
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Enjoy and share #WhatMakesUsHUMAN
Watch the full film from September 12 at

All these shoots were carbon-offset through the GoodPlanet Foundation’s United Carbone Action program:

HUMAN Exhibition !
Come and discover an exclusive 8 hours film exhibition at the GoodPlanet Foundation – Domaine de Longchamp, Paris.
Unprecedented installations offering unique testimonies of love, happiness, but also hatred and violence, which confront us with the Other and bring us back to our own lives.
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Tori Haskins says:

The woman at 1:14 is the cutest ever. ❤️💕❤️😭😭😭

María Laura A. says:

"It's a beautiful glass" thanks Grandpa! ♥️ 1:05:00

eduardo landolt says:

Wondering about the Japanese in the "small" pool… and then it moved…

freak p0k3r says:

39:57 fucking gay…

Sadid Rahimi says:

Anyone know the absolute beautiful song at 1:13:00?

Robert Barney says:

If I were born a female I would certainly be gay. I cannot even imagine ever being able to love a man. I don't see how women do it. I never do enjoy being in the company of men even when they seek my friendship. To be in an Islamic country would be a horror for me because they do not allow men to have any female friends as equals. As a man I must frequently, uncomfortably, and silently tolerate the company of men. This movie has enlightened me and gives me empathy for the gay condition.

zibuyile ramasoko says:

watching series of these videos (Human extended version) has made me see life, human, spaces that separate us different. We need each other, we need hugs, we want someone who can just listen.

Prephaze Music says:

This goes so deep that man said "why would I kill my enemy? now they are a enemy no more after death"

Andreas Bourdon says:

Frankly speaking, I fail to understand all those who put thumb down (dislike) this marvelous collection of humanity. I agree with Helga; "Let all people of the Earth see these films, let them be shown in all schools all over the world." This is EDUCATION!!!

Barbara Francini says:

This movie should be seen by students of all age ranges worldwide! Great, precious food for thought!!!

Silly Bunny says:

Sound quality top notch!

mariali santander says:

..we live on time of critical disconnection with mother earth and consequently with ourselves and the others….this extraordinary film is facing us with real feelings to process in our heart

SisterOf TheEarth says:

Everyone needs to see these. The impact of these stories on just myself alone is astounding, imagine if the whole world saw these. These films are beautiful and eye opening

Abhilash `Nox` Baruah says:

Easily, One of the best Documentaries that pierces through to the edges of the world; portraying a side of us, the humankind, nuances of the World we live in, that ever so rarely has been brought to this kind of subtle spotlight.

Roma Sankalienė says:

Ai con krai

XCS says:

58:28 Thank you little girl

Roman Ariri says:

All the efforts of mankind to show love, understanding and peace will be futile without God. Because Satan will defeat you without God. Apostle R.A.

Roman Ariri says:

A life without God is a very dangerous life, because you have just opened up yourself to be possessed by Satan the master of all calamities on the earth–death, wickedness and destruction–man inhumanity to man.. All forms of wickedness, flows from Satan's kingdom. Until mankind wise up and separate themselves from Satan, and have a relationship with God, mankind will continue to suffer untold wickedness and suffering on the earth. Satan will be given the opportunity to destroy mankind and put mankind in perpetual bondage and lifelessness. There is no life without the creator of life whether you know it or not. There will be no peace without God in your life whether you like it or not. Because you have no power, to give yourself peace on the earth. The spiritual forces that rule the Universe controls your life on any given day. You have no power to do anything about it on your own without God. Spiritual poverty and material poverty will sweep you away like a hurricane. Mankind is powerless without God. You cannot fight the spirit of darkness with your own human power. They will swallow you whole. I am an Apostle and servant of God. I know the truth and secret of life. God has talked with me in real life, so I know God exist. I have seen Satan in real life face to face, so I know Satan, your enemy exist. Apostle R.A.

sara meachel says:

I want to watch more documentaries and shows like this one … something for the mind and soul… please and suggestions ?!

Daggarnit says:

Is it human nature or nature's humanity?

Сергей Новиков says:

Why is the girl laughing when she is talking about her father's death?!!!(55:47) How is it possible? Has anybody asked himself this question? I did and the answer came itself to my mind – the people here are actors and the main aim of this film is the propoganda of geys and lesbians in order to avoid overpopullation of our planet…

Bronwyn ZA says:


Manal Ra says:

does anyone know what is the song in 1:14 :00 ??

Liz C says:

incredible, thank you for your work with American veterans too, wish they were given more of a voice.

R Nunez C. says:

Let all rich people in rich countries watch and listen to this documentaries..and hope they change…

Joseph Marton says:

scariest part is that some of these ill educated people have one or two arms chopped off and they are thanking god !? mutilation is nothing to give thanx for. how about winning the lottery ? now there's something to give thanx for. someone has preached to them that there is a god to keep them impoverished but once they die…there is a reward waiting for them in heaven …but first they must suffer here on earth ! what a concept that god is .

1ladymari says:

No weapons = no war!
World without weapons = more peace!

Weapons = money!
World without money = world peace!!!

Aydin Zakaria says:

It's ur time to fix things…🌏earth doesn't need anything else 🔱😌

jagvindarr says:

Hi, any idea where the landscape is at 52:36. some place in Africa ?

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