Gordon Ramsay Tears Down Fake, Lying Chef – Kitchen Nightmares

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Owner Joe is insulted by Gordon’s response to his food, and a furious showdown ensues.

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Aki Jay says:

Ahhh that's cold, that's cold.


Did anybody hear Ramsey’s voice crack at 3:24 or was that just me

ItsNatey says:

0:44 Oyster Disaster

JayJ TV says:

" I can cook, Joe "
Damn my phone blew up

Random Netizen says:

The biggest piece of shit on this show ever (yes, including Amy's Baking Company).

The pro beast gaming says:

He looks like the guy from Wreck it Ralph the builder guy, I felt like I saw him some where but just couldn't put it on the dot until now.

governer180 says:

I can cook Joe

Take that.

Julien Wood says:

If chef Ramsey told me I couldn't cook, I wouldn't argue I'd ask him to show me how to be better.🤷🏼‍♂️

Sloul De Tuc says:

''I have been trained by old school european master chef'', this guy is a Steven Seagal of the kicthen.

Uncle says:

never mess with gordon.

Mikey Sadesh Mussaada Abaadi says:

👍🏾 is the depth of the whole this man dug himself.

Sr Chalice says:

This guy is a schiesta…

Beka not a comedian says:

Tf mater chef's lol my momma is the chief i love me sone dolma

Mohammad A Khan says:

Bloody hell mate lolxxxx

eden cupid says:

"I feel like Christmas is coming early"

Yes yes it certainly is

Optimus Troll says:

I can cook Joe


ParalyXZer BBX says:

Lol can anyone just give respect to the servers that actually tell the truth xD

Gav Forrest says:

Dude doesnt know if he needs a shit or a haircut.

Pyromaniac says:

The Waitresses reactions are the best

Rafael Suprayogi says:

Gordon need to say the P(Fmale) Words

Kazuya Tamahome says:

3:32 an atomic bomb exploded.

ExtraTimeDevils says:

How to defeat G.Ramsey:
Say youre his twin and copy what he says

ExtraTimeDevils says:

'Hello,my name is Neemoww'

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