Gordon Ramsay Loses His Temper With An Inmate | Gordon Behind Bars

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Gordon loses his tempter to an inmate and realises his wrongdoing.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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millhouse313 says:

These guys needed someone to talk to them like Gordon does when they were about 5 years old.

StoutlandJim says:

Gordon is bigger, taller and has a scarier attitude than most of those inmates.

SlCKB0Y says:

see soyboys ? this is how REAL MEN used to behave together, calling each other names, almost if not sometimes punching each other, only to then become the best friends in the world.

night rider9 says:

Mr. Ramsy can you please do a foos review of Pakistani food. Many of your Pakistani fans will appreciate it. Thank You

Punishment Trivia says:

I can’t make any of this food without these things!
Gordon ‘s Cookbook
Meat and Food Thermometer
Laser Thermometer
Food Scale

StraightUp Oldies says:

Gordon Ramsay apologised because he doesn't want his house burglard at least he's crossed you of his list

Cruzinthruspace says:

Shit looks like a 3star hotel but not bad 🤔

Zippity Zop says:

Gordon's nicer to these criminals then he is to a lot of those pompass asses on hells lol

eldarmario presario says:

yo like come on, the only reason why this guys r probably allowed to cook with gordon, is probably due to their non-violent, minor conviction(theft, burlgary, criminal breach of trust, etc). u think the prison director would have allowed hardcore criminals to be around knives?

Mod 66 says:

Fuck off Gordon I'm going back to doing porridge 😼

Noora نورة says:

In my opinion you shouldn't bring a food judge to a prison. Gordon shouldn't come and lose his temper to prisoners

christian macri says:

I count 7 knives missing and the big fk off knife gone

Joe Turner says:

Most of these inmates have more sense and respect that the chefs on kitchen nightmare

chillchi says:

Some of you Brits need subtitles, as i couldn't understand that guard for shiit.

LEOPRO 7 says:

I'm the 1000 commenter yayayayayyaa

Nicurru says:

Gordons way of saying "Im sorry", without saying "Im sorry".

lokesh divekar says:

i have respect for chef ramsy for year and after watching this i have a mad respect nothing else

Victor Vaughn says:

Gordon must know how to fight with the way he talks to people.

kieran james says:

one with face blurred? noonce's

Curious Shaun C says:

If all jail are like that…
Gordon serving…

Mother Pigeon says:

Wow I'm impressed, soon you will put clips that are shorter than the adverts. Keep it up ^^

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