Good Question: Why are some people faster than others?

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Mark your calendars: You only have 363 days to train for Bloomsday 2011! But, how would you feel if you knew that no matter how hard you trained, you probably couldn’t get much faster? That’s what we found out when we asked, “Why are some people just faster than others?” KXLY4’s Melissa Luck reports.


Lelouch vi Britannia says:

I'm naturally fast

Layla Thompson24849 says:

I can run 15 mph to 29mph my coach says I'm the fasted 11 year old he's ever seen

snakey973 says:

Lamest explanation ever

Animal Artist68 Art World says:

I've been running for 4 years competivily in track & field and I am pretty much those people that are born with running fast(sprinting) today I broke my 100 meter dash time with a time from 17 seconds to now 14.33 seconds! I love running! ☺

Racer sf says:

No one have not bet me in a racer i am 16

Static Editz says:

im 13 and i can run 15mph

Javier Charlier says:

0:56 You sarcastic bitch

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