Garbiñe Muguruza vs. Veronika Kudermetova | 2020 Dubai Second Round | WTA Highlights

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Hope muguruza get to top 10 again.

Ruben Macias says:

MUGURUZA is playing bottom of the barrel fill ins .very low standards is the game. clijsters 36 yo. 170lbs?

Thief Of Hearts says:

This was a very intense match indeed as somebody earlier said. Great match.

Glenn De Block says:

6:24 Nadal forehand

Sky La says:

Muguruza improved so much! She’s amazing!

Ingmar Bergman says:


Ingmar Bergman says:

Love Grand Slam Garbi

Mercy Pluas Almeida says:

Miss Muguruza que le puedo decir, simplemente con toda honestidad que presiento que este es su año de triunfos, si usted se propone lo va a lograr, solamente tiene que desearlo con todo su corazón y sin miedos . FELICIDADES !

Andriy Atomick says:

Veronika my litle girl..good luck to you babes.

Rosa Folgar Marchante says:

Vamos Muguruza, este año es tuyo. 💜💜💜💜 España te quiere. ⚘⚘⚘

Cristian Micu says:

wow even the commentator noticed someone's legs

Precession Of The Equinoxes says:

HakunaMatata is definitely going to be a forced to be reckoned with.

Markus E says:

I love Garbine and hope she wins several more gran slams and many touring titles withing several years. However, the competition appears tough so I hope she develops some skills that will take her to such titles.

dominic spiller says:

Garbine muguruza is back bigtime. This season shows so far why she won slams

A N says:

With you all the way Mugu!

Hera ZR says:

Esa Garbi esa Garbiii 🙌🏼 !!!

Patricia Jones says:


Tennis Tennis says:

Strong garbine personality.
After she lose a bit the way of success when she was young. Go into fashion and Hollywood. Lost 2 years I think.
Garbi is finally back to business and aim the №1 . And many slams.
She saved her career. 26 years old.
Go garbi to complete the slams. Is easy for you. Just us open and ao.
I know ur talent.
You beat the Williams sister in rg and won Wimbledon gs finals.
It's will be interesting to see you vs andreescu again. Coz she is the most talent girl I ever seen.


why only show the kudermetova's winers????????????

Tennis Tennis says:

Mugu is back. She has all in tennis game.
I just don't assimilate her grunting.

Jagdeep Doraiswamy says:

If Gabrinia wants to make this her last french open with a chance, she can continue to play hard-hitting flat tennis from one spot in the court. And continue her net advances as she did for her Wimbledon. Loop the ball and play from the back like Nadal?

Ana Marco says:

today's arbitration was very bad. Match: G. Muguruza vs. V. Kudermetova was very bad.

Всякая х#рня says:

Не позавидуешь Виктории… И в одиночке и в парной люлей отхватила, может паузу взять?!

Jaret Bustamante says:

Love Muguruza 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Sergei Michalich says:

Кудерьметиху должна была Ясремска выбить….

santy sahabat says:

Kudermetova played so well

angel Muñoz says:


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