Cabo San Lucas, Turkey, California & Peru | PAA Atlas

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People Are  Awesome  is building a guidebook of unique locations around the world where our talent captures their awesome sports clips! Featured in PAA Atlas this week: skimboarding in Cabo San Lucas, downhill mountain biking in Turkey, skateboarding in Spain and slacklining in California, Peru and Brazil. Where would you like to go? Let us know in the comments.

Special thanks to our talent featured in this episode:

Amber Torrealba | Cabo San Lucas | @ambertorrealba
Mark Matthews | Cappadocia | @markymath
Giovanna Petrucci | Rio De Janeiro | @giovannapetrucci
Lisa Peters | Alicante | @a7x_liesje
Olga Henry | Santa Monica | @olga.henry
Esprits Outdoor | @esprits_outdoor

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Where would you like to travel for your awesome sports or hobbies?

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what kind of surfing board is that?

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people… you are awesome!!

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You should do some horse riding people are awesome



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