Are We Inherently Good?

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Conventional wisdom might have you believe that human beings only really start showing empathy after a few years of learning social norms and morals. However, some research suggests that this kind of compulsion to do good might be innate. As in, there from birth. Do we act with altruism simply because we’re brought up to be kind, or is it something deeper?

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Hosted by: Brit Garner
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SciShow Psych says:

Check out Journey to the Microcosmos here:

Glenn Babić says:

No. The distinction of right/wrong is usually taught and reinforced so conforming becomes selfish. Only through deviance and independant experience can one actually understand right/wrong and make truely moral/altruist choices (see Positive Deviance).

Antoine says:

altruism is evil especially towards the self.

Yeager Comics says:

raises hand I was Tim… I put the cat in the toilet 🙁

BakedPhoria says:

It's been one week since I stopped at 0:33 HELP

Jayne Davis says:

The problem with the reciprocal play experiment is that reaching for something isn’t inherently upsetting to either party. If empathy is the source for altruism, then negative emotions are required to test it

Saya ___ says:

What kind of a stupid question is this? Dumb question and DUMB ANSWER.

Lazergurka - Smerlin says:

So emotional connections with others makes me more likely to give free things to strangers?
Well jeez I better cut a lot of ties then

La haba says:

Donate to strangers= impulsive

Devyn Snowhawk says:

Those kids just like the color green lol

Maggie Mâchoire says:

This is one of the many reasons why I left Christianity, everyone was trying to convince me we're naturally evil. The youth pastor foolishly backed up his argument by pointing out that babies cry for everything and claimed they only care about themselves and weren't considerate of their care provider because they couldn't say, "I'm sorry but can you please help me with this?" I was young, gullible and naive at the time but now I understand it's because they hadn't gotten to Piaget's Concrete Operational stage, and developed the ability to imagine themselves from another's perspective.

Atriya Koller says:

I dunno, but as a toddler and up to 20 I had to learn to make my empathy weaker, because empathizing with every crying kid or not being able to read many school books because I felt the pain of most characters (I could literally cry for hours). Now I try to be as numb to others as I can, while still having empathy for friends and family. Kinda works, but…

Darren Bauer says:

So… Bullies really are the parent's fault…

Mischief Managed says:

We are born to be selfish — doesn't mean it's a good or a bad thing — it's just the way we are. Everything is self-interest. There would be no need for the teachings of religion or morality, for example, if we were inherently altruistic. People who are 'good' (by humanistic definition) often get taken advantage of, and in many cases even result in their death, just like in nature — although such a thing is normal to nature — nothing good or bad out of it.

However, most of us have a choice to choose what kind of life we want to live — in nature there aren't many choices. If you choose to operate mainly on basic instincts such as self-interest, you shouldn't be surprised if others in society treat you as another disposable one. If you are purely good, the disposable ones will prey on you. Just try to find a way to live your life that you don't intentionally take advantage of someone or something while being able to attain your preferred level of material/physical comfort.

Aipe97 says:

what if the kids just saw the green cube as more likely to help, so they wanted to keep them around so that the cube could help them? In that case it wouldn't be altruistic but entirely selfish.

Oath of The Common Man says:

Rampant Capitalism creates evil.
Rampant Socialism becomes easily corruptible.

The Right mix of Socialism and Capitalism leads to happiness and prosperity (i.e. Scandanavia)

Since the earlt 2000s America is getting deeper in their own refuse.

Basically, pure capitalism is a battle royale and fight to the death.

Pure socialism can corrupt into right wing authoritarianism.

A mix is good. Despite what pro-coorporation and anti-working class MSM pundits say…

Trust unbiased science and well tested and observed studies.
Not Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC

Simone says:

Its group and individual selection in an evolutionary perspective.
Humans are a part of the "animal" kingdom and ignoring that will cause a lot of confusion. Like in this video.
We have an innate instinct to help others, and the feeling good part is evolution way of reinforcing this behavior in terms of shaping your personality. Which leads to a strong community.
Basically a herd mechanic instinct. We are apes after all.

Pașca Alexandru says:

What about the countless toddlers that killed or attempted to kill their younger baby siblings?

Seth okthen says:

No I don’t think it’s innate. The only things innate are hunger, shelter and the need to procreate. Everything else is obviously influenced by other people around us when we are born. If one is born amongst monsters, they will learn the ways of the monster, not humans. You should maybe, you know, let the experts talk instead of spreading false rumors for money. You are better than that guys!

Edit: what hogwash on the cube story! The infants could have chosen the cubes based on how pleasant green is, as compared to yellow? How can you tell what the infants were thinking if they couldn’t even talk? Howgwash.

Me Here says:

A deeper question comes to mind, WHO is experimenting with children's, as we know, people that like to share the less experiment more, to see how is the best way to get away with it, since 1840, science (paid by ……) have try to understand human behavior, they try the electrical shocks, the lobotomy, LSD, opioids', MK Ultra, but they can't come to a conclusion, the 21th way to understand the behavioral mind is propaganda, clinical trails for new drugs, how many new illness are there, to try new drugs? the Pharmaceutical Industry make 65 Billions per year in prescribed drugs, I have seen more kids with cancer than in any other time in my life, there are more kids with learning problems that before, this science is killing so many people, but why are scientist so curious about it? because one you know how it works, then you can control it.

Students for a Democratic Society- College of Charleston says:

This video doesn't answer whether humans are inherently good but rather they have a sense of ethics in infancy. Whether people are good or evil is not merely a matter of whether they're altruistic, per se. It is as much a matter of the abstractness of their altruism. Humans tend to show sympathy for cute, worthy, victims and ignore un-cute, unworthy, victims. I'm not sure whether that says they're mostly good. It's also how much they're willing to sacrifice. Most people don't volunteer much or give much to charity in regular charity or politics or anything else. Humans are also usually incapable of forgiveness for the most asinine of causes. If "good" is defined as rooting for cute posterchildren from a couch then humans are great. Humans are actually not mostly good. They're still mostly evil. They're selfish in who they are altruistic for, as well. They only help people, usually, when it doesn't cost them significantly and they view the victim positively and even then they usually won't help in a way that costs real sacrifice. If they have the mildest aversion to the victim, they'll leave them for dead.

lollsazz says:

Where is the control where they tested the orange cube being nice? What if infants just prefer green over orange…? Or they think the moving cube is more exciting?

Ricardo Granados says:

74 viewers are capitalists pigs

supercommie says:

I really don't believe we are born as blank slates. If you study language development in Children, as described by Noam Chomsky, children are biologically prepared to study language, and ability that goes away when you're an adult.

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