Are Humans Inherently Violent?

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MrJturner74 says:

yes in nature you have to be violent to survive as an omnivore. if we weren't violent we would be vegetarians.

Red Brigade says:

All major political change has come about through violence. Violence is prerequisite for progress to occur.

Shaw3a Azlam says:

My browser, even tho I'm using an app won't permit me to view this. ?

Shell B says:

I can only base my opinion on myself….. So no.

Josh Knorr says:

Anglo-Saxons have a need to migrate and conquer. We're what's wrong with the World.

Josh Knorr says:

Yes, especially white Europeans who have more Neanderthal genes

Hans Crotchfelt says:

Liberals are inherently violent. Normal people just want to be left alone.

Judd Hurst says:

To believe otherwise would be completely ignorant we are animals we function with a very basic psychology. We are no more complex and a dog or a monkey or any other animal that needs to eat drink and shit.the greatest gift that we have that makes her stand out is our self-awareness and ability to store and build upon knowledge. And what are we done with that ability well the smartest of us created money in a financial system that has enslaved 99% of the population. We're so smart that we actually enjoy being controlled it's amazing all the hard work you got to put into getting a dog potty trained and we as humans look around cost me for somebody else to tell s what to do how to live what to eat what to drink. We could quite possibly be the biggest waste of organic material on the planet.

Guo Mashi says:

Humans are inherently violent because they have no successful natural predators.

n3rdm4n says:

The question is wrong IMO. Violence is a tool, something we use (correctly or incorrectly) to accomplish ends. Are all capable of violence? Sure. Unless you're like Steven Hawkin.

The Order of Chaos says:

Are dogs inherently violent?

william willie says:

Take a look at the Stanford Prison
People become violent if given unchecked power.

Douglas Sudsbear says:

We are pack animals, thus we compete for pecking order(food)and territory. We cooperate to raise our children because of our long gestation period. Violence is a product of fear or frustration. Of course this is just a simplification, civilization complicates this to a greater degree.

Francisco Raposo says:

Yes! Dr. Gabor Maté made the same argument. If we were inherently violent, we would not have survived/evolved into what we are now. The current economic mode drives us into a competitive mindset and that is the MAJOR reason for all violent behaviour

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