Are Humans Inherently Evil? Ft. Vsauce

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Bad Vibes Forever says:

Let’s be honest, everyone who clicked this video is inherently evil to some extent

Sara Forney says:

Yeah this was a shit experiment

The Pop Punk Dad TV says:

That time when iDubbbz was on H3 and Ethan said: “I’d really like to meet HowToBasic”

Joseph Hutchins says:

Chinese water torture for $20. Hr

Joseph Hutchins says:

The fact that human using human for expierments for social ethic studies – red flagz

RareBreed4246 says:

I’m guessing Ethan didn’t even watch the movie

Claire Audient says:

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

Lukos0036 says:

Evil is a function of a lack of empathy. It's brain damage. A disease. It should be treated as such. Not celebrated as pragmatism or rewarded with executive position because "hard decisions."

DEl Taco says:

The prison was setup not to showcase that humans are capable of evil, however, to showcase Humans when given the power can be evil. or how authority/power lead to abuse/evil.

sarikatimmi says:

next up: tuskegee experiment. yikes

sarikatimmi says:

i thought this was two sets of groups and it was about pushing a button to shock the others. or the other experiment i heard of were still but groups of student volunteers and one group was deemed to have more power and were called the guards but i didn’t realize they were actual guards

edit: wait you just touched on the pressing of the button experiment.

Rickety Cricket says:

I truly do believe that most, if not all, humans are born CAPABLE of being evil, but it all depends on how that person is raised and what environments that person lives in and spends time in that will ultimately decide if that person does commit those "evil" acts.

David Gonzalez says:

The definite factor is that people will always act in self-interest.

If the society you're a part of has a proper reward system that allows people to benefit themselves and others at the same time, then "evil" becomes less frequent although tragedy, mental illness, conflicts of interest and other unpredictable factors will arise every now and then.

If your society creates inequity through corruption, injustice, lack of representation or any other factor that creates a comparative relationship between types of people, then "evil" is far more probable as it creates an environment where human predatory behavior leads to more convenient outcomes.

ehill1536 says:

If you really want to find out if this is true; it has to be a real prison. Behind closed doors you'd be surprised at what you may find.

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