2 students killed in California school shooting: Officials

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A 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl are dead and three other students were injured after a classmate opened fire at a high school in Southern California Thursday morning. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2OcbtvE

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Dog Bite 08 says:

Boy those California 2A infringement messieurs have really worked wonders…. How many more kids have to die before the people take back there 2A rights and protect them selves, there communities, there country and more importantly there children!?!?!
Face it Nazi/Communist left, your infringements are not protecting anybody!

Unicronus Prime says:


Parker Kenney says:

My friend’s cousin was one of the people that was shot and killed. Please pray for him and his family.

billcharlene1450 says:

Its next to impossible to get a gun in a courtroom, prison or an airport ECT!
Yet everbody runs around clueless as to what to do as to secure schools.
Just sayin…

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

There needs to be some kind of training, as this is happening a lot in the States! How can this be stopped?

420FMX SMOKING says:

Why dont you americans get more security and metal detectors.

satoru kendai says:

Welcome to america.
glad i live in France.

Eliaz Ruis says:

It’s funny how politicians, armored vehicles, and court rooms, have armed guards. But some dumb American’s want schools to be so damn gun free that not even licensed to carry citizen’s can defend the lives of innocent children. Quit passing unconstitutional laws and kids would have more people protecting them! I know I would, but it’s illegal where I’m at.

Slimee SLATTT says:

this is America.

reika yo says:

Born with freedom, dead at random.

GhostlyDev says:

tbh, this is all a joke to me, i look at shit like this and laugh because people are dying everyday, over petty shit like bullying, because we live in a world of fear and hate, we allow ourselves to bottle up the anger so we can later on harm people. Its sad yes, but this is the reality of life.. I choose to laugh at this because it doesnt phase me.. maybe if it was the first time maybe i would take this more serious. send me hate all yiu want but just know im not dogging on anyone, im merely stating my opinion..

Rommel Barbin says:

There are so many crazy people in United States 😂

Devant Retemiah says:

We need to end gun violence 😥😢

Nafdog12 says:

Their needs to be more good guys with guns. If everyone exercised the second amendment and teachers, principles and other adults carried guns then the kid wouldn't even think about bringing a gun to school, let alone open fire on people. But since no weapon are allowed at school, not even for defense in dire circumstances it's easy for someone to just open fire and not be disrupted because they are unbeatable since everyone around them is defenseless. And since police are like the only people that carry guns making them capable of taking care of something like and active shooter and also that they take minutes to get to the scene, gives bad people the time and ability to do such terrible things.

Confederate States Of America says:

can’t do shit about crazy people with guns, you ain’t gonna take guns away without a civil war and you can’t find every single crazy and put him in a mental institution. Sucks but it’s the way it is right now.

jarrodcarter1 says:

Who cares. America choose not to do anything about gun control so keep expecting this shit. 👍🏽

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