10 Most Evil Humans To Have Ever Lived

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The worst people to have ever walked planet earth.

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10 Most Evil Humans To Have Ever Lived


EXOTIK_EROPEAN 90'sQueen says:

Why isn't Casey Anthony on the list?

What I’m gonna say isn’t True says:

This list feels kinda… American

Bartoszek90 says:

How about muslin

Arcradia says:

Please included Iain Duncan Smith to this list as his cruelty to Humans though the introduction of Universal Credit this man is Pure evil which as brought about untold Suffering to the Poor , Disabled and Homelessness also suffering to the Children starving from lack of food this as been brought about Death to thousand though Universal Credit system and Should been noted for Deaths and NOT for his Knighthood as this is a Trevistity to the United Kingdom 8:11 alot of People die of Poverty as with Iain Duncan Smith just the Same

Bivek Ban says:

incomplete list. they didnt include my ex wife

Gamer Rak says:

Why i am not on list

kidus beshi says:

vlad dracul

Sam Landman says:

Why aren't Emperor Hirohito or Chairman Mao on here?

dARkT says:

They all are an example that we will destroy ourselves,not any nature disaster!!
Too many monsters!!

russian ball says:

#1 donald j trump

xll isaiah says:

Gengis Kahn should be number 1

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